Our Team

Tree Care Specialists serving
Edwardsville, IL & surrounding areas

Allan Aligholi - Owner

I started this company 17 years ago and I'm still not afraid to get out there and get dirty with the guys! We have the latest state-of-the-art equipment and can't wait to tackle any project our clients throw at us.

Jerry Smith

This guy is a real monkey, he will literally go out on the limb for you. Jerry has been with Allan services for 10 years now. He has been climbing and operating a bucket truck for over eight years of his career. This guy is a real sight to see! He is one of the most careful climbers that Allan Tree Services has ever hired. When the job is difficult, this is the guy that's going to get it done!

Joshua Sullivant - AKA "Big Truck Driver"

He is a key player in this business as he transports a lot of the heavy equipment from job to job. He raises four children on his own and enjoys working for Allan. This guy is a real bull on the ground !

Casey Plake  - AKA "KC"

Casey A.k.a. KC has known Allan for 32 years of his life and they are still friends. He is in charge of safety operations for Allan Tree Services.  He will make sure your job gets done safely every time.  He is always looking out for the best interest of our customers and our company.  He is really a key player!

James Hefley  - AKA "Dug"

James Hefley a.k.a. Dug. This guy is one of the best bobcat operators that I have ever run across. He has been with Allan Tree Services for five years. Allan has personally known Dug for 12 years and this guy is not afraid of work!

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